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What is Role-Playing?

Note: The Sunset Role-Playing System is still very much a work-in-progress. It should not be considered ready for public consumption at all as any element might change at any time. Both comments and suggestions are appreciated and can be either e-mailed to or, preferably, asked on IRC (Sunset on
!''T''he ''S''unset ''R''ole-''P''laying ''S''ystem
''F''irst ''Q''uestion: What is ~Role-Playing? Isn't it a game for nerds to play in the basement of their mom's house? Sure!

''B''ut if you've ever played Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians, or any other game of imagination you've role-played. If you've ever watched sketch comedy and laughed and talked about how much fun it would be you've considered role-playing. If you've ever run around the house with a blanket around your neck talking to your stuffed tiger you've started to role-play. At it's heart a role-playing game is a game of imagination.

''T''he ''S''unset''RPS'' is designed to be a game that emphasizes the fun over the math. The rules are simple and are there to facilitate the game rather than be the focus. If fun is the focus, why rules? Why not make everything up as you go along? If you've ever played Cops & Robbers you already know the answer to that. Without some rules the game can dissolve into a screaming match and that wouldn't be fun for anyone. The rules, what few there are, are there to make sure everyone has a good time.

''T''wo of the most common terms you will see are the most important parts of the game: The [[Players|Player]], and the [[Dealer]]. The [[Dealer]] is responsible for running the game. They make up the plot, play all of the [[Non-Player Characters|Character]] (~NPCs) and adjucate disputes between the Players. Everyone else is a [[Player]]. Players are responsible for telling the story through the actions of their [[Character]]. Characters are more fleshed out and interesting than ~Non-Player Characters. Their successes and failures are the points on which the plot turns and around which the game revolves.

''A''side from the Dealer and the Players the other important element to the game is the [[Setting]]. The Setting is the world in which the game takes place. It could be a world of gunslingers and gamblers, super-heroes and villains, or epic space battles. Where the game takes place is as unlimited as your imagination can make it.

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