Government Statistics

GDP (Official): $0 billion
GDP Per Capita (Official): $0
Income Tax Rate: %
Government Income (% of GDP): 0%
Private Consumption: $0 billion
Government Budget: $0 billion
Administration (): $0 billion
Welfare (): $0 billion
Healthcare (): $0 billion
Education (): $0 billion
Religion and Spirituality (): $0 billion
Defence (): $0 billion
Law and Order (0%): $0 billion
Commerce (): $0 billion
Public Transport (): $0 billion
Environment (): $0 billion
Social Equality (): $0 billion
Government Waste (100%): $0 billion

Vital Statistics

Population: 0
Government Category:
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
Government Priority:
World Assembly Status:

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Jennifer Government: NationStates

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A Novel by Max Barry

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World Assembly Estimates

Exchange Rate: 1 = $0
GDP Per Capita (Estimated): $0
Black Market (Estimated): 0%
Black Market Product: $0 billion
Black Market Breakdown:
Basic Necessities: 0%
Healthcare: 0%
Education: 0%
Transportation: 0%
Luxuries: 0%
Recovered Product: $0 billion
Worker Enthusiasm: 81%
Government Efficiency: 0%
Consumer Confidence: -332%
Unemployment: 0%
Population Growth Rate: 0%
Nation Age: 0 Years
Literacy: 0%

Notes on Black Market
The black market sector indicates areas where the government does not allocate enough tax money to desired areas for the current tax rate. To compensate for this the people take a percentage of the economy into a semi-legal grey sector where they can maintain the economic growth they currently enjoy. This includes things like trading services, bartering, or under the table jobs. Part of this economic sector is recovered by Law and Order spending which represents Revenue opaloco hauling your ass off to jail and taking your stuff for tax evasion.

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Code Sources: Commerce Height's NSEconomy Calculator, PHP.Net, and New Code by Sunset.
Last Update: 04/09/2008

This calculator should be considered experimental. Like all calculators it is a tool and is in no way authoritative. Like any other tool of this nature it carries some of the bias of its creator. If you do not agree with the results (This means you Seocc.) do not send me a whiny email argueing why your economic system should make you the best. I don't care. Contribute to the community by making your own calculator instead and send me the URL. I'll gladly put it here along with the others.

I won't even call it commie propoganda.